What are Integrations For?

🤝 GoSquared integrates with many third party integrations, so many that we needed one place where you easily manage them all. The Integrations tab makes it easy to add, configure, and disable all the tools that you want to integrate with GoSquared:

Gain more insights from Analytics

Some integrations are specifically designed to enhance your Now and Trends dashboards:

  • Twitter - see a live stream of tweets about your site in the Now dashboard.

Centralise your customer data in the Customer Data Hub

Bring third party data directly into the Customer Data Hub. This enables you to track actions a user takes in other applications. They appear in-line with all the other pageviews/events that GoSquared already tracks from your site. This creates a much more complete picture of a users online behaviour:

  • Did somebody actually read a marketing email before visiting your site?
  • What was somebody trying to do that frustrated them so much they raised a support request?
  • Perhaps a user is super engaged with your email newsletter but hasn't been on the site in a while.

Examples of events are, Support Ticket Created, Email Opened, Email Unsubscribed, Transaction Completed etc...

Automate Actions in Other Applications

Use GoSquared as a rules engine to drive smarter automation in your integrations. There are 2 ways to trigger Automated Messages.

Smart Group Enter/Exit

Segmenting your user base in real time is incredibly powerful for creating automation rules. Define a certain profile of user with a Smart Group by using any combination of filters (e.g. people who used feature X, visited the checkout, are from country X, signed up within the last week etc). When a user matches this profile they will automatically fall into the Smart Group. Likewise when they no longer fit this profile they automatically exit the Smart Group.

Every time a user falls into a Smart Group, an Entered Smart Group 'X' event is triggered.
Every time a user falls out of a Smart Group an Exited Smart Group 'X' event is triggered.

You can setup Smart Groups to trigger actions with any of your integrated services e.g.:

  • Add a user to a Mailchimp list.
  • Trigger a Zap to automate actions in over 1000 other applications.
  • Send them into Salesforce

Traffic Spike/Dip

Want to know when your site is experiencing high demand? Perhaps your site has gone down if your traffic levels have dropped to zero. With Traffic Notifications you can set a threshold traffic level and automatically send a message to Slack, receive a traffic alert email or send a webhook to an external service.

  • Segment
    Segment is a customer data hub for easily managing multiple services running on your website. GoSquared integrates seamlessly with Segment.
  • Slack
    You can receive GoSquared message Notifications directly to a Slack channel either through our direct webhook integration or via our Zapier integration.
  • Zapier
    Zapier enables you to easily connect GoSquared to almost any other app to create automated workflows.
  • HelpDocs
    HelpDocs is a super simple hosted knowledge base; with quick setup, flexible customisation, localisation support, and many more handy features for educating your customers.
  • Google Tag Manager
    Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an easy way to manage multiple scripts and services running on your site.
  • Google Data Studio
    Visualise real-time user data from GoSquared in a completely customisable report, to get a clear view of your customer data.