Installing GoSquared in your iOS app

💡 This guide demonstrates how to create a new GoSquared project for a native iOS application. The GoSquared iOS SDK supports Contacts and Inbox.

Note: Developers should use our GitHub guide for instructions on how to actually install and use our iOS SDK in their app.

Project Setup Instructions

1. Go to the Project Picker

Once you've signed into your GoSquared account, go to the top of the sidebar on the left.

Select the project picker at the top of the sidebar where the name of your current project is displayed.

2. Enter your app name and identifier

Click the + to the right of the search field, or click the "Add Project" button at the bottom of your project list.

Enter your app's name in the "Project name" field, and your app/bundle identifier in the "URL" field. Your identifier will look something like this: com.example.myapp.

Hit the "Get Started..." button to add your app and begin the setup process.

3. Select the iOS Installation option

On the list of installation options, select "Install in your iOS app".

4. Add GoSquared to your app

The installation instructions for setting up iOS tracking require you to add code to your iOS app. If you're not familiar with programming for iOS, you can click the link at the top to give a colleague access to complete the installation.

The installation guide allows you select between Objective-C and Swift code examples to help you get set up quicker and easier.

4. Run your app

Run your app in the iOS Simulator or on a device. With the app running, click continue to check your installation was successful.