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What can you do with Zapier?
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1️⃣ How to connect GoSquared with Zapier
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What can you do with Zapier?

Zapier enables you to easily connect GoSquared to almost any other app to create automated workflows. Basically, if GoSquared doesn't already have a direct integration with your favourite app, then Zapier certainly will – all without any coding.

For example, Zapier can push GoSquared contacts in to a 3rd party CRM, send NPS surveys, or add a subscriber to your email marketing system.

You can also pull contact data and custom events in to GoSquared from over 1000 external applications. These automated workflows are all based on simple Triggers and Actions.

Triggers from one app are combined with Actions from another app to create a 'Zap'. GoSquared currently supports 5 Triggers and 2 Actions.

Supported Triggers

Triggers kick off the start of an automated workflow (e.g., when a user views my pricing page, push them into my CRM). You can use several GoSquared data sources as triggers:

  • User Entered Smart Group – learn more
  • User Exited Smart Group
  • Traffic Spike
  • Traffic Dip
  • New Chat message

Supported Actions

Actions are things that other apps can tell GoSquared to do. For example, when a user completes a survey in Google Forms, create them as a contact in Contacts.

  • Track a custom event – e.g track when a user fails a payment in Stripe
  • Create or Update a profile in Contacts – including adding new custom properties

How to Connect GoSquared with Zapier

NB. If you want to connect more than one project you will need to 'Connect a different GoSquared account' for each one of your projects. I'd recommend changing the 'Connected account name' to the name of your project so that its easy to remember which account is for which project.

Integrating GoSquared and Google Sheets via Zapier

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