Migrate from MailChimp

Migrating your Mailchimp audience to GoSquared.

With GoSquared’s MailChimp Importer, it is incredibly easy to import your users and custom tags straight into ‘Contacts’ - ready to replicate and improve your campaigns in just minutes 🎉

Head to our integrations page from Current Project > Integrations, select the MailChimp tab from the list and click ‘Connect’.

You will then be prompted to authorise the connection between your MailChimp account and GoSquared.

Once that is done, your MailChimp account will be available to select from the Import Contact feature.

Next, all you need to do is click ‘Import Contacts’. GoSquared will then pull through all of the email and custom tag user data from your integrated MailChimp account. This data will then pull through to create or map onto existing profiles in your GoSquared ‘Contacts’, with your MailChimp tags pulled through as GoSquared custom properties.

Click to import and congratulations! You have now successfully imported your Mailchimp Audience into GoSquared!

You can update the custom property logic, such as switching to ‘Boolean’ or ‘Text’, using the instructions here.

🐵 Have any questions about migrating from MailChimp to GoSquared?

Reach out to our team here and we will be happy to help!