Unsubscribing contacts

When GoSquared sends email to your customers from Sequences, Automated Messages, and Broadcasts, the emails must always include an unsubscribe link.

Your contacts are free to opt out from emails using the unsubscribe link at any time.

When they click this link in any email they received from GoSquared, they become unsubscribed from all email sending from GoSquared.

This means that they will not receive any more email from Sequences, Automated Messages, or Broadcasts, even if they are included in the lists for these mail-outs.

Messages sent to contacts via email from Live Chat are one-to-one conversations, so are treated differently to messages sent with Automation. Messages sent from Inbox will still send via email regardless of unsubscribe status.

HTML emails require an unsubscribe link. If you create an HTML email without an unsubscribe link, you will be prevented from sending the message until you have added in an unsubscribe link.

Unsubscribe Link Prompt