Acquiring leads with GoSquared

We believe that leads are nurtured through getting to know them better. Not by tricking them, or making a hard sell. Understanding who your visitors are and what they want is a critical first step in acquiring leads who will become happy customers.

Evaluate your existing leads and campaigns

The Analytics Dashboard is where you’ll find the information about how your website and marketing strategy are performing. If this is your first time using an analytics tool, or if you fancy a refresher, it’s worth understanding the fundamentals.

GoSquared can help you to identify which pages on your site are the most visited, and where those visitors came from. This is one way to get concrete information about what is resonating with your customers. You can stop spending money on campaigns that aren’t driving traffic, and boost those that are.

Here are a couple of things to try out right now:

  • Cancel your underperforming campaigns, and funnel that budget into your top performers.
  • Add custom prompts to your most visited pages.
  • Refresh the content on pages that aren’t performing well, but you know have value.
  • Evaluate and understand why your top performing campaigns are doing do well. Knowledge is power!

Go Pro: Use our free Campaign URL Builder to create custom tracking links throughout your website.

Be quicker than your competitors

One way that you can stand out and provide a more seamless experience is by proactively offering Live Chat. Using Prompts Prompts, especially on high-value pages like pricing pages, can make the difference between a lead clicking off your site and them continuing to explore.

41% of consumers prefer live chat over any other form of communication, and this makes sense. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it doesn’t pull you away from your day like a call or email does.

The information should be readily available on your site - that’s step one, but for those customers who like to talk to someone - make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

With GoSquared you can set your office hours to be sure that a customer is never left waiting unexpectedly, and it’s easy and quick to manage incoming queries through your inbox. These are features that we designed specifically with small teams in mind.

Try it right now

Make conversion possible

The more you understand your customers the better you will be able to serve them.

The Customer Data Hub is a great resource for this, as is your own demographic and customer research.

Knowing who’s visiting your website helps you to tailor the kind of content you are creating. Are they repeat visitors looking to deepen their knowledge? Or are your visitors predominantly on your site for the first time which might suggest that some lighter introductory content would work well.

Try this out today: