Live Chat FAQ

GoSquared Live Chat is the easiest way to start a conversation with your visitors and users. Just add the GoSquared Assistant to your site to start sending and receiving messages.

Video Guide: How to Install GoSquared Live Chat (Part 1)

How to:
Add the GoSquared Snippet & activate your Live Chat widget
Customise your Live Chat Assistant settings
Set passive or active Lead Capture
Set your Out of Office message & response times
Edit your Live Chat avatar

Video Guide: How to Install GoSquared Live Chat (Part 2)

How to:
Set up Live Chat notifications to your Email or Slack
Create your first Prompts
Activate Live Translate

What is Assistant?

Assistant is the live chat button that appears on your site and makes it effortless to start converting visitors in to customers. Assistant will encourage visitors to leave their email address and try to automatically engage new visitors if you have any Prompts set up – learn more.

How do I turn Live Chat on or off?

Go to Settings > Current Project > Assistant for your project and switch the Enable Assistant toggle on/off.

How do I change the Assistant language?

Use the language dropdown in Settings > Current Project > Assistant. You can also turn on Auto-detect language to have the Assistant display the best language available based on the language of the visitor's browser.

How do I add/invite more live chat agents?

We don't charge 'per-seat', therefore you can add as many live chat agents as you need – for free. You could invite your whole team if you like! Just head to Settings > Current Project > Team Sharing to start adding new team members.

How do I change my Live Chat avatar?

Your agent avatar (photo) is the same one that is used for your GoSquared account. Your default photo comes from the Gravatar. If you want to use your own photo, then just click on the avatar next to your name in your Settings > Your Account > Your Details to upload a image.

Check if your GoSquared email address has an Gravatar set up here.

How can I change the Assistant button colour?

We have a full guide on customising the appearance of Assistant.

How can I hide Assistant on a specific page?

We have a guide on how to hide the chat Assistant on specific pages

How do I get the mobile apps?

For iOS App Store and Google Play Store links, see the Inbox App page.

How can I get notified of new incoming messages?

Via web notifications, email notifications, mobile push notifications – Read the guide.

How will my customers be notified when I reply to their messages?

If they have your website open, they'll see a new message bubble appear. If they have your website open in a background tab, we'll play a new message notification sound to prompt them to click back onto your site. If they're not on your site at all (and they have left their email address) we'll send them the message as an email.

How do I set up Chat Prompts (automatic messages)?

Read the guide.

How do I use Broadcasts to send announcements via Assistant?

Read the guide.

Why can't I see the Assistant button on my site?

This is most commonly because you've blocked your IP address from contributing towards your GoSquared stats – read more.

I’m receiving lots of spam messages, what can I do?

We care deeply about addressing abuse of our systems for spam. Please see our article on spam and abuse for details of how to get in touch and what information to provide.