Setting up your Live Chat Plan

💬 GoSquared Live Chat is the easiest way to start a conversation with your visitors and users. Just add the GoSquared Assistant to your site to start sending and receiving messages.

🆘 Having issues in activating your Live Chat widget? Check out our Troubleshooting guide

This manual will show you how to install the GoSquared Live Chat widget and customise it according to your requirements.

For further customisation, we have a wealth of deep-dive instruction articles in our Live Chat Support Centre.

How to Install GoSquared Inbox (Part 1)

Topics covered:
Add the GoSquared Snippet & activate Assistant
Customise your widget settings
Set passive or active Lead Capture
Set your Out of Office message & response times
Edit your avatar

How to Install GoSquared Inbox (Part 2)

Topics covered:
Set up notifications to your Email or Slack
Create your first Prompts
Activate Live Translate


Assistant requires that the GoSquared code is installed, so you may want to check this is installed correctly first. You can also check through the list of common reasons below.

Check your Settings

Check GoSquared Assistant is turned on by heading to Settings > Current Project > Assistant.

Have you blocked your IP address?

If you've blocked your own office/computer's IP address from contributing towards your own GoSquared stats, the Assistant button will also be blocked for you. You can check who's blocked from each project by heading to Settings > Current Project > Blocked.

Your current IP address is: ...

Just check to see if your current IP address is in the blocked list for each of your projects (sites).

Ad Blockers

Users with ad & content blockers such as Ghostery, Adblock, uBlock might have problems loading Assistant on your website. In these cases GoSquared might not load properly until the blocker is disabled or GoSquared is whitelisted in its settings. Ad blockers may also interfere with Chat Prompts showing.

Are you using Firefox Tracking Protection?

If you are using the Firefox web browser, you may have the Tracking Protection feature turned on (especially if you are browsing in a Firefox 'Private window'). This blocks Analytics providers from loading on your site and interferes with the Assistant too.

You can easily spot when Tracking Protection is on because as shield icon will show up in the address bar.

Why are my Chat Prompts not displaying?

Chat Prompts will only be shown to new visitors that have never previously sent you a message. Prompts will not display to logged-in Users. The simplest way to check if a Prompt is working is to open your site in a Chrome Incognito window (or Safari Private browsing mode, or an Edge InPrivate). If you still can't see your Prompt, check that you haven't blocked your IP address (to stop your own site visits polluting your Analytics) in Settings > Current Project > Blocked.

Learn more about chat prompt behaviour with the full guide.

👋 If you have any questions about setting up your Live Chat widget, just reach out to us at✍ ✍️