Setting up your Live Chat Plan

💬 GoSquared Live Chat is the easiest way to start a conversation with your visitors and users. Just add the GoSquared Assistant to your site to start sending and receiving messages.

This manual will show you how to install the GoSquared Live Chat widget and customise it according to your requirements.

For further customisation, we have a wealth of deep-dive instruction articles in our Live Chat Support Centre.

Video Guide: How to Install GoSquared Inbox (Part 1)

Topics covered:
Add the GoSquared Snippet & activate Assistant
Customise your widget settings
Set passive or active Lead Capture
Set your Out of Office message & response times
Edit your avatar

Video Guide: How to Install GoSquared Inbox (Part 2)

Topics covered:
Set up notifications to your Email or Slack
Create your first Prompts
Activate Live Translate

👋 If you have any questions about setting up your Live Chat widget, just reach out to us… via Live Chat!