What is GoSquared?

Introduction to GoSquared

🎊 GoSquared is the all-in-one software platform to help you grow your business and engage with your customers.

The GoSquared platform helps you convert your website visitors into loyal customers, and offers a suite of products to connect with your customers throughout their journey.

With GoSquared you can:

  • Understand how your online marketing is performing.
  • Proactively reach out to anonymous website visitors to convert them into leads.
  • Onboard and engage with your leads to convert them into customers, using email and on-site messaging.
  • Provide personal customer service via Live Chat and email.
  • Engage with your customers throughout their life cycle with personal, relevant messages.

GoSquared is a platform with a tightly integrated suite of products. You can use one or use them all together to grow your business:

A quick intro video


Web Analytics without the hassle.

GoSquared Analytics gives you a collection of easy-to-understand real-time dashboards to help you understand your website. We’ve built GoSquared Analytics on a handful of core principles:

  • The whole team should be able to access insights – so GoSquared Analytics is easy to use from day one.
  • The faster you see insights, the faster you can act on them – so GoSquared Analytics collects, processes, and displays your information in real-time.
  • You should be able to trust the accuracy of your data – so GoSquared Analytics is engineered to be the world’s most accurate web analytics software. Your data is never sampled.
  • You shouldn’t have to make a privacy trade-off to get insights on your website – what’s good for your visitors and customers is good for your business. GoSquared Analytics is fully GDPR compliant and offers a series of privacy-related features to help protect your customers.

The Now Dashboard

What’s happening on your website this second?

Screenshot of the GoSquared Analytics Now dashboard

The Now dashboard gives you a real-time overview of what’s happening on your website right now.

Everything in Now is changing throughout the day as the number of concurrent visitors on your website fluctuates. The Now dashboard shows you traffic spikes and traffic dips as they happen. It shows you which pages are most popular enabling you to jump on content as it gets attention. It also allows you to see which sources are driving you the most traffic – so you can see if someone influential on Twitter is talking about you, or if your search traffic is suddenly increasing.

One click historical insights – no training manual required.

Screenshot of the GoSquared Analytics Trends dashboard

The Trends dashboard borrows the same fundamental interface as the Now dashboard, so once you know one GoSquared app you know them all.

Trends shows you what’s been happening on your site historically, and still updates in real-time so you’re never left waiting for data.

Live Chat

Add a sales channel to your website.

Screenshot of GoSquared Assistant and Team Inbox

GoSquared Live Chat is the easiest, fastest, and most personal way to connect with your website’s visitors and customers.

Live Chat enables you to connect with website visitors and address their objections ahead of time – leading to increased conversion rates and faster sales cycles.

Live Chat is tightly integrated with the rest of the GoSquared platform to help you proactively engage with visitors at the perfect time, and give you all the information you need to have the most effective conversations.


Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

GoSquared enables you to engage with your visitors, leads, and customers with the perfect message, at the perfect time, on the perfect channel.

With GoSquared you can automatically prompt website visitors to engage based on their browsing behaviour, send messages to your existing customers while they’re on your website, and send highly personalised, effective emails to your contacts based on behavioural data in GoSquared.

Customer Data Hub

Centralise your customer data.

Screenshot of the GoSquared Customer Data Hub

The Customer Data Hub brings all the information about your users and customers together in one place.

One-click integrations with all the services you already use (Zapier, MailChimp, Zendesk, Mandrill, Slack, etc) mean you can stop manually entering and collating data.

The Customer Data Hub enables you and your team to speak with more customers on a more personal level.

Next Steps

To start getting value from GoSquared, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got everything installed on your website.

If you ever need any help – we’re here for you! Just reach out to us at ✍️