Getting Started with Inbox

📥 GoSquared Inbox is where your team manage and respond to incoming live chat messages.

A shared team Inbox

Add as many live chat agents as you like to help manage your Inbox. GoSquared has a shared Inbox, so everybody on your team can see who 'is viewing', 'is typing' and 'who is currently owning' each chat – in real time. GoSquared maintains one continuous Live Chat feed with each of your customers, even across different sessions on different devices, so you can always see the full conversation history – invite team members.

Archive conversations

When your current chat has been resolved, you can archive the conversation. This moves the chat from the Inbox to the Archive, where it will remain until your team or the customer decides to send a new message. This prevents your Inbox from getting too cluttered. Your customers cannot see when they've been archived – learn more.

Get the Inbox App

Available on:

  • The web – in your GoSquared sidebar
  • Mobile apps (iOS & Android) – learn more

Automatic lead enrichment

When a visitor submits their email address, GoSquared uses it to search the web for as much publicly available information about them as possible – learn more.

Keep customer details up-to-date

See all the information about the current visitor in the sidebar whilst you chat with them. You can add and edit information about them as you chat (company name, job title, description etc). As you learn more about each visitor, use the profile sidebar to:

  • Update their contact details
  • Search for useful properties and events – e.g. referrer, campaign name, landing page
  • Update their properties
  • Pin your favourite details to the top of the sidebar

Read the full guide to custom properties.

Improve response times with Saved Replies

Saved Replies enable you and your team to save messages and use them to respond to common queries from your leads and customers. You can use Saved Replies by hitting the “Saved Replies” button above the composer in Inbox, or for the super-fast route, you can hit the “#” key to bring up a list of your existing saved replies instantly – learn more.

Reply via email when a user goes offline

If a user leaves their email address during the chat, when they go offline you can still send messages via email. Your users can then reply via email and responses will still come back into your GoSquared Inbox. It’s that simple, just one continuous conversation history – learn more.

Broadcast messages – send messages to groups of users

Send a one off message to a group of people. Useful for asking for feedback and announcing new features – read more.

Office hours – use automatic replies to manage expectations

When a visitor sends a message, use an automated message or a lead form to let them know you're currently out of office, provide a useful link or just say you'll respond as soon as you can – learn more.

Instant notifications

  • Desktop browser notifications (Safari/Chrome/Edge)
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile push notifications (iOS and Android)
  • Desktop app notifications
  • Slack notifications

Read the full guide to live chat notifications – learn more.

Make use of Lead Statuses

Lead Statuses are a good top level indicator about the type of customer/user that your chatting with. At a glance your team can tell if they're a lead, a customer, on a trial or at any other key stage in your funnel. Just click on them to change the status – learn more.

Leave Internal notes for your team

Agents can write in-line notes as a reminder or to quickly provide context when handing a conversations off to somebody else of the team – learn more.

Send screenshots and file attachments

Use the file picker, drag and drop, or simply copy and paste from the clipboard directly into a message you're composing – learn more.

Slash commands

These are a bit like keyboard shortcuts. Just start typing '/' to bring up a list of available commands and then hit 'enter' to complete the action. Here '/note' is being used to quickly write a note:

Automatic conversation merging

GoSquared always maintains one continuous conversation with each customer. This means that both you and the customer will always be able to scroll back through past messages – even across multiple sessions and site visits. If the customer starts chatting to you from a different device, GoSquared will try to merge their conversation into their old ones or you can manually merge them yourselves – learn more.

🎥 PS. If you haven’t installed your Live Chat widget yet, simply follow the video tutorial here to get set up in minutes!