What is GoSquared Live Chat?

👋 GoSquared Assistant is our Live Chat widget. This will deploy on your site; making it easy for your website visitors to get in touch with you.

📥 GoSquared Inbox is where your team manage and respond to incoming messages.

A shared team Inbox

Add as many agents as you like to help manage your Inbox. GoSquared has a shared Inbox, so everybody on your team can see who 'is viewing', 'is typing' and 'who is currently owning' each chat – in real time. GoSquared maintains one continuous message feed with each of your customers, even across different sessions on different devices, so you can always see the full conversation history – invite team members.

Get the Inbox App

Available on:

  • The web – in your GoSquared sidebar
  • Mobile apps (iOS & Android) – learn more

Automatic lead enrichment

When a visitor submits their email address, GoSquared uses it to search the web for as much publicly available information about them as possible – learn more.

🚀 Ready to get started? Simply follow the video tutorial here to get set up in minutes!