Inbox Keyboard Shortcuts

Power users can get things done quicker with keyboard shortcuts and Inbox slash commands.

Emoji codes

GoSquared Inbox uses the standard emoji codes found at Emoji Cheat Sheet. They're the same emoji codes that you might use in Slack or What's App.

Quickly add emoji to your messages by typing : followed by the name of the emoji. An emoji picker will then appear and allowing you to select the emoji or autocomplete the code for it.

E.g. Typing :wave: will produce a  emoji.

You can use emoji in Broadcast messages and Chat Prompts too.

Slash commands

Slash commands are a way of quickly preforming an action without having to take your hands off the keyboard. They're like keyboard shortcuts but are easier to remember!

When in the message composer, just start typing / to bring up a list of available commands.

At the moment we have:

/archive or /done to mark the conversation as done and archive it.
/unarchive unarchive the conversation.
/note (followed by the note you want to write) will add an internal note only visible to your team.

Saved Replies

Saved replies (canned responses) can be quickly searched through by typing the hash # key and then searching for the text in the saved reply. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down the list and hit enter to choose the reply you want – learn more.

Navigation shortcuts

Navigate up and down the list of conversations:

alt+⬆️ to jump to the conversation above.
alt+⬇️ to jump to the conversation below.

Enter to create new lines in your message.

Cmd+Enter or Ctrl+Enter to quickly send a message or save a note.