Archiving and Deleting Chat Conversations

Archiving and deleting helps you organise your Live Chat Inbox.

What is archiving?

Archiving helps to keep your Inbox clutter-free by moving old chats into the Archive folder.

You can still access archived chats by switching to the Archive tab. Archived chats will automatically move back into your Inbox if you receive a new message from that customer.

Archiving a conversation is an Agent Side feature only – your customers will not see that they have been archived.

How do I archive a chat?

Clicking the Archive button in the chat:

archive buttons

Power users can type the slash command /archive  in the message input box:

archive command

Archiving does not permanently delete the conversations. You can manually move the chat back to your Inbox by clicking the Unarchive button or typing /unarchive in the message input box.​


Delete an individual message

You can delete individual messages in chat by pressing shift + left click on the message and the option to delete will appear.

Delete the entire Live Chat history

Live Chat history is tied to each persons profile in People CRM. Therefore the only way to erase all history is to delete the profile from People CRM.

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