Broadcast Messages

🗣️ Broadcasts are one-off messages you can send to your contacts via email or in-app message.

What can Broadcasts be used for?

Perhaps you want to tell your customers about a new feature or announce a new event you’re running in a specific city, or send a group of contacts a targeted promotion, or send a request to complete a survey for specific users.

Whatever your use case, Broadcasts is the best way to send one-off messages to multiple people at the same time.

Use targeting to increase performance

The more relevant and focused your message is, the more likely recipients are to open it and take action on it.

That’s why GoSquared gives you powerful filtering and personalisation options, so you can send highly relevant messages to a specific segment of your audience.

Choose your contacts in Customer Data Hub

To choose who you’ll send your Broadcast to, head to Customer Data Hub and create your segmented list of contacts to target.

Select and combine as many filters as you like to build your list.

Once you’ve chosen your list of contacts, hit the “Send Broadcast” button in the top right of the screen.

You can also select a Smart Group that you’ve previously saved – just head to the sidebar, select your Smart Group, and then hit “Send Broadcast” button.

💡 Broadcasts are one-off messages that are sent to the people who currently match your filter. People that enter the Smart Group in the future will not be sent the Broadcast. If you want to send a message that gets sent out automatically based on user behaviour, you’ll want to create an Automated Message or a Sequence.

Using GoSquared filtering and segmentation to send a Broadcast to a specific segment of your audience

Compose your Broadcast message

In the Message Composer, you can create the perfect message for your audience.

A good first step is to address each recipient by their first name. Addressing a recipient by their first name involves using Variables – you can enter a variable anywhere in your message by typing “{{”. This will bring up the Variable Picker where you can choose any properties or events you’re tracking with GoSquared to insert into your message.

You can include emoji and links in the message too. Include images by copying and pasting them into the message, or dragging and dropping them from your computer.

Don’t forget to choose the Message Sender in the dropdown on the right – by default this is set to you, but you may wish to send the message out from another member of your team.

If you have a custom domain set up, you’ll also want to set your “Email From” address so it matches your normal email address you might use at work.

Composing and editing a Broadcast in GoSquared

Sending your Broadcast

When you’re ready, hit the “Send Broadcast” button in the top right of the screen. You’ll see an alert pop up to confirm the number of people you’re sending the message to. If it all looks good, then hit “Send”. The message will be sent immediately.

Broadcasts also send as in-app messages through GoSquared Assistant. The next time your recipients visit your website, Assistant will show them the message (in addition to the email they were sent).

Screen recording of how to send a Broadcast in GoSquared

Measure the performance of your Broadcasts

Head to Engage > Broadcasts to see how many people received, opened, and interacted with your message.

You can also see how many people unsubscribed or bounced from a specific message so you can gain visibility into issues that could be harming your ability to engage with your audience.

Screenshot of Broadcasts in GoSquared

Saving a Draft Broadcast

You can save your progress, by clicking Save draft at any time. You can then return to finish and send the Broadcast at a later date, from the Drafts tab.

Video Walk Through:

Searching your Broadcast List

Enter your keyword into the Search field in order to navigate your list of Broadcasts with ease.

Duplicating a Broadcast

You can duplicate a Broadcast by clicking on the “Duplicate” button from within any Broadcast, whether Sent, Draft or Archived.

It will automatically copy the audience from the Broadcast being duplicated, so if you want a different audience it’s better to start with a new Broadcast.

Duplicate broadcast button

Frequently Asked Questions about Broadcasts

  • Do Broadcasts show up in the message feed when I chat to users in GoSquared Live Chat?
    Yes - Broadcasts, like all automated messages, are included in the Live Chat feed with your users.

  • Is there any limit to how many messages I can send each day?
    You can send a maximum of 1,000 messages per day via email. If you would like to raise this limit, please get in touch with us via Live Chat.

  • Do Broadcasts get sent as email or in-app message?
    You can currently choose to send your Broadcast messages via in-app, or via email and in-app.

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