Automatic Profile Merging

Having a customer's information to hand is vital for responding quickly and personally to Chat conversations.

That's why we built Live Chat on top of People CRM – so that the customer's full history and profile information is associated with their conversation. Storing the Chat history also means that your customers can always pick up the conversation from where they left off.

An anonymous profile becoming identified

To ensure the experience is consistent for all of your visitors, we create a new People profile when an anonymous visitors start a conversation with you. This new profile will be given a random name, avatar and ID number.

If the anonymous user leaves their email address in the Chat, we will use their email to automatically update the anonymous profile with information we can find from their social profiles.

If you are using the identify function (usually when the user logs in or registers for your site), GoSquared will automatically merge the anonymous chat profile into the identified profile.

Merging profiles from different devices

GoSquared can keep track of a conversation across multiple devices (i.e. mobile, laptop, iPad etc).

When a new visitor starts a conversation, we create an anonymous profile for them. If that same visitor then switches device (say from their phone to their laptop), we create a second profile for them as we can't be certain that it's the same person chatting.

This means that you potentially have two or more profiles for the same user – which gets messy.

To avoid this, as soon as the visitor signs up for your service (or logs in), use the GoSquared 'identify' function. This updates the anonymous profile to an identified profile containing all the user's details.

After 'identifying' a customer, GoSquared will keep things tidy for you by automatically merging together all of the messages and data from the separate profiles into one profile.

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profile stitching example

Manual profile merging

If GoSquared hasn't been able to detect that a user should be merged, you manually merge duplicate profiles clicking the Merge button in the sidebar – learn more.

You can also selectively delete profiles that you suspect are duplicates – read more.