Sending Email from Inbox

Topics covered in this article:

☑️ Message Send Modes
☑️ How can users reply to messages from Inbox?
☑️ Editing your Settings

Message Send Modes

When communicating with users from the GoSquared Inbox, you can choose to send messages via in-app, in-app & email, or email only.

GoSquared will intelligently recommend the most sensible option based on the end-user’s online status - so you will know which message format is most likely to engage. For online users, engage them directly with in-app, or in-app & email if there is a risk they are about to go offline.

If a user is already offline, you can send a message via Email only, straight to their email inbox.

From the user’s Live Chat history, GoSquared will differentiate which format each message has been sent.

GoSquared will automatically generate the rest of the email template for you, including the email subject line and email's signature/footer.

In-app or In-app & Email

Email Only

You have the option in Inbox to directly-reply to a specific message - this will ensure the email will arrive with the same subject line into the users’ email Inbox, and form part of the same thread.

You also have the option to specify a subject line on your email (the placeholder text shows the a pre-filled default of the subject line is not edited).

Replies to emails sent from GoSquared

Replying Directly to an Email Only message

If an end-user replies from their Email to an Email only message, their response will not appear in GoSquared Inbox. It will appear directly in your designated sender profile Inbox.

Replying to Emails out of Sequence

If an end-user replies to an email message out-of-sequence, GoSquared will show a preview of the replied-to message for context.

For example, an end-user receives an Email only messages a week ago, and has since then sent a handful of messages directly via Live Chat.

If the user then proceeds to reply to the original Email only message, GoSquared will preview that message for context.

Email Sending Settings

Email subject line

This will be automatically generated and formatted to look like this:

RE: [the first 50 characters of your message]

Email footer/signature

We automatically generate a footer/signature at the bottom of your email using a combination of:

Customising your email domain

On our default settings, your email messages will show up in your customer's email client as being sent from:

[Your agent name] from [Project company name]

By default all emails sent from GoSquared Inbox will come from the domain. This means that the email address your messages will be sent from will look like this:

Your contacts are far more likely to pay attention to your emails when they come from your own email address.

You can choose to send emails from your own domain, by first verifying your email domain, then editing your sender profile.

💡 To set up your custom email domain, follow our instructions here.