GoSquared for creative digital and media agencies

GoSquared has been working with hundreds of Agency businesses since 2006

Here’s a few key benefits of using GoSquared for your Media Agency
✅ Easily set-up and monitor all of your sites from one account
✅ Embed GoSquared Analytics as a whitelabel solution for your clients
✅ Send reports to your clients to summarising their projects’ key metrics

Some of the companies powered by GoSquared:

"We wanted to build tools into our customer portal that are simple and powerful. GoSquared fits our requirements perfectly."
- Daniel Bartholomew, CTO of Squixa

The easiest way to monitor all your clients' sites

See how all your clients' sites are performing in real-time.

With GoSquared, you'll find managing a hundred sites is as easy as managing a handful. GoSquared Overview puts all your sites on one page. The fluid grid updates dynamically to show you what's up and what's down in real-time.

GoSquared enables you to monitor unlimited projects on one account, enabling agencies to stay in the loop on all their internal and client sites. With our smart search, it takes only a few keystrokes to get to the site you need.

GoSquared Overview

Data-driven clients are smarter clients

Amplify the power of analytics with unlimited client accounts.

Allowing information to flow freely through an organisation leads to better decisions informed by data. That's why adding shared user accounts for each of your clients is easy in GoSquared. Control access and security on a per-site basis and remove old accounts in a single click.

Combine GoSquared's easy team sharing features (absolutely no limits on sharing), and the intuitive design of GoSquared apps and you have an unbeatable analytics solution for sharing insights within your team and with your clients.

Offer whitelabel Analytics to your Clients

GoSquared can be easily embedded into any web page with a simple iframe. Make GoSquared your own so you can provide your clients with state-of-the-art analytics under your own branding at no extra cost.

Going deeper, you can use GoSquared's RESTful API to build custom analytics dashboards, supplement existing data and even offer public widgets such as ’hottest pages right now‘ to your clients. Managing thousands of sites? Automate account and site creation the Account API.

“As soon as I found GoSquared, saw it’s a 3 second job and has a dashboard, it’s a no brainer.”

— Benjamin S Powell, CTO of BetterCast

Delight your clients

World class data visualisations straight out of the box.

GoSquared dashboards are optimised for large displays, but we've gone a step further and created GoSquared Display — the easiest way to put key real-time metrics on show for your whole team.

Data Visualisations for Large Displays

GoSquared Big Screen Now

Real-time 3D Globe

Visualise global traffic in real-time for a client's site or your own portfolio. Our customers love to show off the 3D Globe in their offices to impress customers and motivate their teams.

GoSquared 3D Globe

Working with hundreds of Agencies since 2006

GoSquared has been serving digital agencies for nearly 15 years. The ease of setup, intuitive dashboards and straightforward account management makes GoSquared a perfect fit for agencies of all sizes.

Not only does GoSquared offer incredible software, but we also regularly consult with teams on how to transform their marketing and online strategy. Because the GoSquared team oversees thousands of analytics integrations every year, there's nobody better to ask for advice when it comes to tracking the right metrics.

Beautiful daily reports by email

The metrics your clients need, delivered to their inboxes daily.

GoSquared can send daily, weekly and monthly email reports directly to your clients. Using GoSquared's real-time analytics engine, your reports will always be up-to-date, and are beautifully designed to look great on mobile and desktop.

It's never been easier to keep your team and your clients in the loop on the web metrics that matter most. Email reports bring data to everyone involved in every project, increasing the chance that everyone will have the information they need to make the best decisions.

Interested in deploying GoSquared for your agency site or clients? Get in touch for a demo and our team will be happy to run through how everything works! 🙌