Campaigns (Trends)

✋ Don’t spend another penny on poor-performing Marketing campaigns!

The campaigns widget in Trends shows you the top campaigns that have brought visitors to your site. They are ordered most effective to least effective, based on the number of visits that came from each campaign.

Campaign tracking was added as a new feature to the Trends dashboard on 28th July 2017. Therefore you won't be able to view campaign information in Trends before this date.

Trends date picker

How does it work?

When visitors go to your site, their browser sends information about where they came from (unless they are using strict privacy settings or tracking blockers).

GoSquared looks at this information and can detect whether they came from another website, a search engine, or a campaign.

GoSquared detects campaigns using industry standard UTM parameters.

Set up campaign tracking

When you run campaigns, you provide links to your website where you hope to send visitors. The industry standard method of tracking these links is to use UTM parameters.

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