You can’t be on Chat every hour of the day – set up Out-of-Office to handle those times when you and the team are out living life or getting some shut-eye.  

It's important that you communicate this clearly to avoid frustrating users who may always be expecting an instant response. The 'Out-of-Office' feature helps you do this.

Your office hours can also be used as a rule for when to send Chat Prompts to your visitors (automated messages).

Turn on Out-of-Office

Office hours are managed on a per project basis. This means if you have GoSquared installed on lots of different sites, you can manage the office hours for each one separately.

You can find the Out-of-Office options in Settings > Current Project > Assistant

Turn on out of office

To enable the feature, just switch the toggle to ON.

Setting your schedule

Your office hours are set using the same timezone that the project is set to. You can check the timezone of the project in Settings > Current Project > General.

Out-of-Office behaviour

Out-of-Office behaves slightly differently depending on if a new visitor, or an existing user is trying to chat with you.

Even when you're not around, Assistant can be a good source of new leads and is still the easiest way for existing users to get in touch. Therefore, we don't turn Assistant off.

Instead we help you manage a user's expectations about when they are likely to get a response (i.e., when you're open again).

New visitors – send their first message through a lead form

We don't want to stop people getting in touch, however it isn't helpful for anyone if you can't reply to them (it's unlikely they'll still be online by the time you open again).

When a new visitor attempts to send a message, Assistant will offer them a simple email lead form instead of the regular live chat. After submitting the form, they'll be able to use chat as normal. Now that you have their email address, you can still reply even if they go offline. Any messages you send via email will still form part of the chat history.

Customising the Out-of-Office lead form

The Out-of-Office lead form looks very similar to the regular Lead Capture form, but you can customise the text and confirmation message to account for your out of office status.

Out of office lead form settings

The lead form greeting is the text that is shown at the top of the form. Use this to let a user know that you are currently closed but if they leave their email address you'll follow up when you open.

Out of office lead form greeting

After a visitor submits the form, Assistant will open up and display their message. You can also customise an automatic confirmation message that will be sent to acknowledge their message.

Out of office confirmation message

Returning visitors and existing users – set up an automatic reply

GoSquared Live Chat maintains one continuous chat history with each user. They can always pick up the conversation where they left off last time – including when you're out-of-office.

We won't ask returning visitors or existing users to leave their email address again, so we they won't be shown a lead form. Instead, we recommend you use the Out-of-Office automatic reply to let users know that you're closed and you'll get back as soon as you can.

You could even provide a handy link to your knowledge base.

Out of office auto reply settings