Response Times

😤 There's nothing more frustrating for a visitor than sending a message and not knowing how long to wait for a response. Being honest with your users and managing their expectations goes a long way to making a good first impression. Our Response time feature helps you do this.

What are Response Times?

When you have this feature turned on, we'll display an expected response time at the top of the Assistant. You can choose a suggested time or set your own custom message.

Note: Response times are only displayed during your open office hours. Use the Out-of-Office feature to manage expectations when you are closed.

Setting Response Times

You won’t win new customers by keeping people waiting. ⏳ Quicker response times will always delight your users — however, getting back to new leads might be more urgent than replying to existing customers (especially when you already have their contact details).

Therefore we allow you to optionally prioritise leads by setting a faster response time for them.

Response times are set on a per project basis.

Head to Settings > Current Project > Assistant to set your 'Response times' for each project.

Choose between one of 4 presets, or set your own:

  • Typically replies in a few minutes
  • Typically replies within the hour
  • Typically replies in a few hours
  • Typically within a day
  • Custom value – write your own response time indicator