Restricted free plan – holding state

When you sign up to GoSquared you automatically start a free 14 day trial. After the trial you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan. If you don't, your account will be moved into a holding state until you choose to upgrade.

If you have previously been on a paid plan, and subsequently cancel your paid subscription, or your payment method expires, you will automatically be downgraded to a holding state which has restricted features and usage limits.

Restricted usage and features

The data limits in the holding state are:

  • 1000 datapoints per month for Analytics – a datapoint is a single pageview, event or transaction – see below.

  • 100 profiles in People CRM & Live Chat – this is how many profiles (in total) you have created in People CRM – see below.

If you go over your limits, we will lock access to your dashboards until you upgrade.

What is a profile?

Profiles are a way of storing detailed history and information about your users on an individual level. Profiles are not created for anonymous visitors, unless they start a live chat conversation with you.

  • Identified profiles – after installing People CRM, for every new visitor that you identify (i.e. when they login, register, join a mailing list etc.) a profile will be created for them. All their future sessions, activity and Chat history will be tracked against their profile.

  • Anonymous Chat profiles – when an anonymous visitor starts a Chat conversation with you, a profile is created to store their chat history. If this user eventually signs up for your service, their Anonymous Chat profile is automatically merged into their new Identified Profile.

You can also delete profiles at any time.

What is a datapoint?

A datapoint is a single pageview, event or transaction. For example if you track 5 pageviews, 3 events (eg button clicks) and 2 transactions – combined you will have used 10 datapoints.

Analytics – restricted features

  • 1000 datapoints per month

  • 1 month data retention period

  • Week and day Trends views

  • Basic traffic report emails

  • Self service Knowledge Base

People CRM & Live Chat – restricted features

  • 100 profiles

  • Self service Knowledge Base

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