Merging Duplicate Profiles

Profile merging helps keep all your customer conversations and data in one place.

When a new visitor starts a conversation, we create an anonymous profile for them. If the same visitor then switches device (say from their phone to their laptop), we create a second profile for them because we can't be certain that it's the same person chatting.

This means that you potentially have two or more profiles for the same user – which can get messy. To prevent this, you can merge duplicate profiles together.

Merging profiles will combine the online activity and chat history of the two profiles into one feed.

Merging Profiles

If you spot a duplicate profile whilst you're chatting in Inbox, just click the merge button at the top of the sidebar.

Once you've selected the source lead, you can search using any criteria (name, company, email etc) to find the destination lead you wish to merge into.

If conflicts exist (e.g. if the duplicate profiles have different job titles), data from the destination profile will be kept.

Note: a merge cannot be undone. Be careful to make sure both leads you combine are correct!