GoSquared Forms

💡 Use GoSquared Forms as the first step to turn your visitors into customers. Fill your database with qualified signups, automatically enriched with their social media data, and trigger automated follow ups to nudge prospects along your Marketing funnel, from inquiry to conversion.

Why use a GoSquared Form?

Capturing leads through a GoSquared Form has three huge benefits over traditional lead forms:

  • Lead Analytics – GoSquared will automatically associate the visitor's past and future session activity with their lead profile. You can view everything they did before signing up and track if they come back in the future.
  • Company and Social data enrichment – GoSquared will automatically enrich lead profiles with as much information as possible, such as their job title, avatar, company name etc.
  • Trigger GoSquared Automated Messages - you can setup automated messages to fire to new Form submissions. For example, send a Nurture Sequence to all visitors who have submitted a Form for a Lead Magnet offer.

🎓 GoSquared Forms work best as a powerful lead-capture tool to display to anonymous visitors to your website.

Use-cases for Forms include:

  • Newsletter Signups
  • Early Access lists
  • ‘Contact us’ requests

You could also place your GoSquared Form in front of a Lead Magnet, in order to capture visitor data before redirecting them to the download page.

Why can't I use my existing forms?

If you use an alternative form, it won't be integrated with GoSquared Analytics. This means you won’t be able to track any of the lead's session activity.

How does Lead Analytics work?

GoSquared Analytics automatically tracks every anonymous visitor on your site. When a visitor submits their details through a GoSquared Form, we can associate all their past anonymous data with their new lead profile. This lets you know everything they did before signing up – including activity from previous sessions!

  • Which site originally referred them.
  • Which paid campaign originally drove them to your site.
  • The original landing page that the visitor arrived at.
  • How many visits a user made to your site before they converted.
  • What pieces of content or products a they've already viewed while on your site

How to add a GoSquared Form to your site

1️⃣ Select your template

With GoSquared Forms, you can select from a range of pre-set templates, such as Demo booking, ‘Contact us’ or Newsletter sign-ups.

2️⃣ Customise your Form fields

You can edit your Form’s fields to reflect the information you would like to collect. Hit the ‘Bin’ Icon to remove existing fields, or the “Add New Field” to create a new field. You can then drag & drop your fields to your preferred arrangement.

New fields can be selected from our pre-set options; alternatively, you can build out your own custom fields. These fields will then populate in your GoSquared Contacts, as well as onto your users’ profiles.

This allows you to build Smart Groups and filters, based on those custom properties, and segment your audience to a granular detail.

You can select from a number of options for formatting your fields, including:

  • Dropdown select
  • Checkbox
  • Text Field
  • Extended Text Field

Dropdown select works best if you want to limit users’ choices, while freehand Text Field allows your submissions to be more varied.

You can also customise your Form’s colour, in order to fit with your website branding.

3️⃣Advanced Options and Double Opt-in

We recommend enabling the double opt-in feature in order to safeguard against Form spam submissions. Double opt-in will ensure only legitimate emails are added into your Contacts list.

You can also add a re-direct URL after users have completed the Form. For example, if you offer a Lead Magnet after submitting the form, you could redirect them to your Lead Magnet download page. Alternatively, set a ‘Thank you’ message to confirm the submission.

4️⃣ Copy & Paste the code into your site

Having completed your template, GoSquared will automatically build the code for your Form. All you need to do, is copy & paste it into the relevant area in your site.

Updating your Form

Need to make changes to your Form after embedding it into your site? No problem!

GoSquared Forms are dynamically hosted via an iframe, meaning any changes you make to your Form in GoSquared, once saved will update automatically on the embedded Form on your site 🪄

Simply click into your Form, make your changes, click Save and Publish, head back to your site and refresh your browser. Watch as your Form has magically updated to reflect your changes!

Form Submissions

You can access your Form submissions in a number of ways. From the Forms navigation bar, you can view the list of Forms you have built, and click into each Form to view the submissions.

Alternatively, from your People section, you will be able to select the relevant Form from your Smart Group list. The title will relate to the ‘Name and Purpose’ setting of your Form.

You can setup a Notification to send to your email or Slack channel, whenever a new lead fills out a Form submission and enters the relevant Smart Group.

Add a custom Form using a site builder

You can install a GoSquared form using a site builder like Webflow, SquareSpace or Bubble.

For this you will need to update the Form action from to


My Form is creating new profiles for people even though I already have existing profiles

Profiles created by Forms will not automatically be merged into existing profiles with the same email address to protect privacy. A future version of Forms will include the option for stronger verification of email addresses which will enable automatic profile-merging. For this reason, we recommend limiting access to GoSquared Forms to anonymous visitors only, rather than logged-in users.

If you have duplicate profiles created via Forms and already-existing profiles, you can merge those profiles using our Profile Merging feature