Smart Group Notifications

🤔 Want to get notified when you acquire a new lead or a new user signs up? Perhaps you're more interested in knowing if your biggest customer stops logging in?
Whatever your use case, Smart Group notifications make this easy.

A Smart Group is a filtered group of Contacts in GoSquared. The groups keep themselves up to date as new users match the group's filter, and existing users unmatch it. For example if the filter was Last seen more than 2 weeks ago, this would create a self updating group of users that hadn't visited your site for over 2 weeks.

✅ GoSquared can send you notifications when:

  • Somebody new enters the group
  • An existing user exits the group

✅ Great use-cases for Smart Group notifications include:

  • When a customer enters a ‘Churn-risk’ Smart Group
  • When a returning visitor browses your Plans & Pricing page
  • When a new lead sends you a message via Live Chat or email

If you want to create groups for more specific, custom events, read our article here to setup custom event tracking

Email Notifications

To add an email address to receive GoSquared notifications, simply head to your project’s Settings and follow the steps below 👇

GoSquared can send you an email when a Smart group changes. It's worth bearing in mind that if your group has lots of people regularly entering and exiting it, you could bombard yourself with notifications!

  • First, navigate to one of your existing Smart Groups, or create a new one (your Smart Group must have at least one filter applied to it).

  • After saving the group, click the Actions button at the top right of the screen and select Email notifications - this will take you to the Email integrations page.

  • In the Email integrations page you can add email addresses that you want to be able to send notifications to. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to add your own email address. You can also add colleagues (they don’t need to have a GoSquared account to receive notifications).

  • Next you'll need to choose which Smart Groups should notify which email addresses. Click the Manage notifications button to take you to the Notification Settings page.

  • In Notification Settings click Add a new notification to create a new type of notification.

  • Use the Type drop down to select User enters Smart Group and then use the second drop down to select which Smart Group you're interested in. Then choose which email addresses you want to receive the notification.

🎉 That’s it; you’re all set!

👋 PS. Another great use-case for Smart Group notifications is to send automatic messages to your Slack channels.
Find out more about our Slack integration here!