Lead Statuses

🎯 Lead Statuses are a helpful way of organising leads in your sales process. Just like how you might have "stages" in a traditional CRM, you can assign a status to profiles in GoSquared.

For example, when you qualify a visitor you can change their status from “visitor” to “lead” and when that opportunity converts to a paying customer you can update their status to “customer”.

Assigning a status

Setting a status is easy, just click the status icon in the profile sidebar, either from Inbox or the People dashboard.

Default statuses

Your GoSquared account already has four statuses set up for you. Some status fields are set automatically by Assistant. The statuses are:

  • Contact – the default status for all your profiles.
  • Visitor – set by Assistant when a visitor sends you a live chat message.
  • Lead – set by Assistant when a visitor leaves their email address.
  • Customer – you can set this manually when a lead converts to a customer.

Note: You can't edit the name of default statuses or update when Assistant automatically sets them.

Add Custom Lead Statuses

We know every business is different, so if you need to customise statuses to better reflect your sales funnel, just head to Settings > Current Project > People CRM

You can:

  • Change the colour of the default status fields.
  • Add a brand new custom status field.
  • Edit existing custom statuses – this affects how they are displayed throughout GoSquared and any profiles that already have that status set.
  • Change the order of the statuses in your funnel.

Note: Once created, statuses cannot be deleted – but they can still be edited.

👉 Get in touch with our Support Team if you have questions about updating Status via our API