Updating Status in GoSquared Contacts

🎯 User Statuses are a helpful way of organising the users in your funnel. Just like how you might have "stages" in a traditional CRM, you can assign a status to profiles in GoSquared.

For example, when you qualify a visitor you can change their status from visitor to lead and when that opportunity converts to a paying customer you can update their status to customer.

This ensures you can accurately segment all your users according to the relevant stage of their journey with your product or platform. Use Status filters to build out your Smart Groups, then send Automated Messaging to reach your customers exactly where they are in their journey.

Example use-cases include:

  • Segmenting a list of custom ‘Trial’ profiles, and triggering a Conversion Sequence with up-sell messaging onto your premium plans.
  • Segmenting a group of new customers to trigger a Welcome Sequence; complete with all the relevant steps for onboarding.

Updating User Statuses

You can update your profiles’ Status in 4 ways:
Via our Zapier integration
Via CSV upload
Via the GoSquared API
Via manual assignment

Update status via our Zapier integration

If you have configured our Zapier integration (which you can do in less than a minute!), you can trigger a Zap to update user profiles whenever they enter or exit a Smart Group.

For example, if you have a Smart Group of new users on your free plan, you can automate a Zap to update future profile entries into this Smart Group from ‘Contact’ to ‘Trial’.

👇 Example video tutorial

Bulk update status via CSV upload

You can use CSV files to introduce new statuses into your Contacts section, or bulk update the status of existing users in your Smart Groups.

👇 Watch the video below to understand how

Update status via our API

The GoSquared Identify API endpoint accepts a status property to set the status on your contacts.

From our default settings, you can use “Contact” “Visitor” “Lead” and “Customer” to continue with the built-in status values already supported.

You can also pass in any string value you like and this will be created as a new status and applied to the profile.

Manually assign a Status

Setting a status for an individual profile simply by clicking the status icon in the profile sidebar, either from Inbox or the Contacts section.

Default statuses

Your GoSquared account already has four statuses set up for you. Some status fields are set automatically by Assistant. The statuses are:

  • Contact – the default status for all your profiles.
  • Visitor – set by Assistant when a visitor sends you a Live Chat message.
  • Lead – set by Assistant when a visitor leaves their email address.
  • Customer – you can set this manually when a lead converts to a customer.

Editing your User Statuses

We know every business is different, so if you need to customise statuses to continuously reflect your sales funnel or changing Marketing needs, just head to Settings > Current Project > Contacts

Note: You can't edit the name of default statuses or update when Assistant automatically sets them. Once created, statuses cannot be deleted - but they can still be edited.

👉 Get in touch with our Support Team if you have questions about updating your users’ statuses.