HelpDocs Integration

This article covers:

Integration Video Tutorial
Integrating the HelpDocs knowledge base into GoSquared
Installing GoSquared’s Analytics and Assistant into HelpDocs

Video Tutorial

What is HelpDocs?

HelpDocs is a super simple hosted knowledge base; with quick setup, flexible customisation, localisation support, and many more handy features for educating your customers.

Learn more about HelpDocs

If you host your knowledge base with HelpDocs, your Users can search your Support documentation using the GoSquared assistant, via our integration 🙌.

This is particularly useful for offering your customers self-service information, whenever you are not immediately available on Live Chat.

What you will need

✅ A HelpDocs account
✅ A GoSquared Live Chat, Suite, or Enterprise account

Step One

Within your HelpDocs account, head to your Settings and access the API Keys section.

Step Two

Click ‘Create Key’ and to build an API key, ensuring the setting is set to ‘Read’.

Once created, copy the API key to your clipboard.

Step Three

Access your GoSquared account and head to the Integration section of your Settings.

Select the HelpDocs card and click ‘Install’.

Click ‘Add New’ and paste your API key into the field, then click ‘Save’.

Congratulations! You’ve now setup the GoSquared <> HelpDocs integration 🎉

From now on, the HelpDocs search bar will appear above your Assistant, allowing your Users easy access to search your knowledge base.

Install GoSquared in your HelpDocs knowledge base

From your GoSquared dashboard head to Settings > General.

Scroll down to Project token and copy this into your HelpDocs dashboard.

Head to Settings > Integrations

Search for GoSquared and click on the icon.

Paste your Project Token into the field.

Hit Save Changes.

GoSquared’s Analytics will now track visitors on your website 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve installed GoSquared on my HelpDocs knowledge base, but Assistant is not showing for me

Ensure you have enabled Assistant on your project in GoSquared, and ensure you are not blocking / ignoring your own visits from showing in GoSquared.

I’m struggling to get something working with HelpDocs, can you help me?

We can’t offer assistance with HelpDocs specifically – for answers to any questions about the HelpDocs product, please view the HelpDocs support documentation.

📚 Did you know?

We also have an integration with Google Data Studio 📊
Click the link here to get set-up in minutes!