Visitors (Now dashboard)

The Visitors widget shows you a list of every visitor currently viewing your website in real-time.

Visitor list

The 3 tabs at the top of the widget filter by All Visitors, Returning Visitors, and Tagged Visitors.

In the list of visitors, each row represents an individual visitor. In each row, GoSquared show the country the visitor is browsing from, whether they are a new or returning visitor, their current active page, which traffic source referred them, and how many subsequent pages they have been to.

What do the grey and blue bars mean?

In each row in the Visitors widget, you will notice a number of grey bars running horizontally next to a small icon on the left. The small icon is the favicon of the traffic source that sent that visitor to your site. The grey bars represent the pages and actions that visitor has taken in their current session. The more bars, the more pages they have viewed on your site. The darker the bar, the longer they have been on that page. Any bars that are blue indicate pages that the visitor currently has open.

Visitor details

You can select any row in the list of visitors to jump into more details about that visitor.

In the Visitor Detail view, you can see what sent them to the site (their traffic source), and every page they have been to in their current session, including how long they have spent on each page.

You can also jump to the Details tab within the visitor detail view to see more information about their client such as Flash support, colour depth, browser version, and more.

The Properties tab can be set up to add valuable data associated with the visitors on your site. If there's anything on your side (such as ecommerce data like "customer acquisition cost", or "basket value") you can pass that into the Properties area to get greater insight into that visitor. For instance, on an ecommerce store you can pass in the number of items that visitor currently has in their basket, and their value, making it easy to see who is likely to purchase and spend money with you.

Tagging visitors

You can manually tag individual visitors by selecting a specific visitor in the visitor list, and then selecting their title ("New Visitor", or "Returning Visitor") and entering your own custom tag for that visitor. This can be a great way to spot individual visitors when they return to your website. It can also be helpful to do if you want to ignore that specific visitor so you can remind yourself at a later date why you ignored that specific visitor.

Automatic Tagging

If you have a user-system, you may wish to set up automatic visitor tagging so you can see what users are online. To do this, use our identify functionality with a name and/or an email.

Ignoring/blocking specific visitors

To stop a specific visitor from contributing to your statistics, you can ignore them by selecting them from the visitor list, and then clicking the "Ignore Visitor" button. Read more about ignoring visitors.

Fullscreen Visitors Widget

The full-screen visitors widget in the Now dashboard has been deprecated.

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