Saved Replies

📒 Saved Replies help you save time by giving you easy access to answers to questions you commonly get asked.

Saved Replies enable you to speed up your response times and allow your team to provide consistent answers to common questions.

If you’re coming to GoSquared from another set of tools, you might have used “quick replies”, “canned responses”, or “macros” for a task.

Using Saved Replies

Everybody on your team can create, edit, delete, and send saved replies.

Just click the Saved Replies button whilst you’re chatting with somebody and select the one you need. If you want to, you can then customise the reply before hitting Send.

See how often each reply gets used

You can see when a Saved Reply was last used and how many times in total it’s been sent. Just find the reply you want and hit the “Edit” button.

Reply faster with keyboard shortcuts

Just hit the # key to bring up a list of your existing Saved Replies. You can either start typing to search the list, or use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to find the one you want. Then press Enter to select it.


Variables are a great way to further personalise conversations with your website visitors.

For example, instead of a generic greeting to a new visitor, you can respond to them by name simply by adding “{{” followed by the “First Name” variable.

Adding personal touches to your messaging not only helps drive conversion rates, but can deepen existing client-relationships.


NB. For each Variable you set, ensure to set a ‘Fallback’ in case the data is not available for the message recipient. For example, for the ‘City’ Variable you might set ‘your area’ as a fallback.

For more information on how to optimise your GoSquared Messaging with Variables, follow the link here.