Migrating email campaigns from another provider

If you’re already using another provider to send emails to your users, you can migrate to GoSquared easily.

When setting up your Messages and Campaigns in GoSquared, we recommend holding off on enabling them until you have checked everything and paused any campaigns in your previous tool. You can enable your Messages and Sequences in GoSquared at any time – as soon as you’re ready.

Switching over is a matter of stopping users being subscribed to campaigns in your old provider, and enabling users to be subscribed in GoSquared from that point forward.

It should be possible to do this at the same time, to make the transition seamless and avoid “missing” any users in the process.

Creating your messages and sequences in GoSquared

💡 When setting up messages or sequences in GoSquared, we recommend leaving the Smart Group setting blank for now. This will ensure your audience won’t be subscribed to your campaign until you are ready to enable it.

Take all of your campaigns and messages that you have in your old provider, and create Sequences or Messages in GoSquared. GoSquared supports custom HTML email, so you should be able to copy and paste most templates into GoSquared. On top of that GoSquared also supports Variables, links and emojis. To add links or variables to a message or email you can use the Insert Button which brings up the Insert Menu.

Insert Button

You can also use the following methods:

  • To place a link in your message, you can highlight the text and press CTRL + K on your keyboard. If you are on a Mac, the shortcut is CMD + K. Alternatively, you can just highlight the text you would like to use for the link and you will be able to paste a URL straight over the text.

  • To use Variables, start typing “{{” and the variable selector will appear.

  • To add emoji, start typing “:” and the name of the emoji and the emoji selector will appear.

Don’t forget to configure the delay settings to match those in your current provider - e.g. “send this message 2 days after the previous one” - you will see the options for this in GoSquared.

Pausing subscriptions in your old provider

💡 It’s recommended to perform this step and the next step at the same time, to minimise the risk of losing a subscriber during the transition.

When your Message or Sequence is set up and ready in GoSquared, you are ready to switch.

Check your setup in your existing provider - there should be a way to pause users from being subscribed to campaigns - or a way to prevent your system from adding them automatically.

Enabling subscriptions in GoSquared

Since you’ve already added your Messages and Sequences earlier, all that’s left to do is enable them. To enable, go into your Message or Campaign and set a Smart Group and hit “Save and Publish”.

Once enabled, users entering the Smart Group will be sent the Automated Message or subscribed to the Sequence. If a user exits a Smart Group that is driving a Sequence, the user will be unsubscribed from that Sequence.