Chat Transcripts

Chat Transcripts allow you to download/export a copy of your chat history with a customer in just a few clicks.

There are situations where you or your customers may want the reassurance of having a hard copy of your conversations. This feature will send you or the customer an email copy of the conversation and also include a CSV file transcript as an attachment.

Chat Transcripts are now available on our Live Chat, Suite, and Enterprise plans.

How to export a Chat Transcript

  1. Find the conversation that you'd like to export.

  2. Click the 'Export Transcript' button in the bottom of the message composer.

  3. GoSquared maintains one continuous chat history which each user, so you'll need to choose how far back in time you need the transcript for.

  4. Next, choose who you want to email the transcript to, yourself, the customer, or both. If you are exporting the conversation for your own records, you may want to optionally include any internal notes that your team left in the conversation.

  5. Then click Export. After a few moments an email with the transcript in will be sent. The email will also include a CSV file of the transcript as an attachment.

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