Webflow Analytics and Live Chat

Screenshot of the Webflow website

Webflow is a powerful website builder for making beautiful, responsive websites without needing to write code.

Many Webflow customers want web analytics to understand the traffic coming to their Webflow website, and to understand how their online marketing is performing.

Some Webflow customers also want to use Live Chat on their websites to talk to their visitors – so they can provide great customer service, and also help convince more visitors to become customers.

Add GoSquared Analytics to your Webflow site

Screenshot of the Now dashboard in GoSquared Analytics

Note: Currently, you will need a premium Webflow account to install GoSquared on your Webflow site.

  1. Check out this helpful doc from Webflow on how to embed custom code on your site.
  2. Sign in to your GoSquared account.
  3. Head to Settings > Current Project > General to find your JavaScript Snippet.
  4. Copy your JavaScript Snippet.
  5. Sign in to your Webflow account.
  6. In Webflow, head to Project settings > custom code and paste your JavaScript Snippet in the head code section, and save your changes.
  7. Your GoSquared JavaScript Snippet will now load on every page of your website. Hooray!
  8. Test it out. Head to your website (ideally in a private browsing window) to load it up, and then head to GoSquared Analytics to check you're all set up. Unlike other analytics tools, GoSquared Analytics updates in real-time, so you should see data instantly – if you don't then check through these steps again and ensure all your changes are saved.
  9. If you continue to experience any issues with setting up GoSquared Analytics on your Webflow site, just get in touch with us on Inbox and we'll help you out.

Add GoSquared Live Chat to your Webflow site

Screenshot of GoSquared Inbox
  1. Follow the steps to install GoSquared Analytics on your Webflow site – the same JavaScript Snippet enables you to use both Analytics and Live Chat on your Webflow site.
  2. Sign in to your GoSquared account.
  3. Head to Settings > Current Project > Assistant to find your Assistant settings.
  4. Under the heading "Turn on Assistant", flick the switch to "On" to instantly enable Assistant on your Webflow site.
  5. You can customise GoSquared Assistant to match your Webflow website's look and feel in "Assistant appearance" within Assistant Settings.

Frequently asked questions

If I have multiple website in Webflow, can I use GoSquared on all of them?

Yes! You can add each of your Webflow websites to GoSquared as a separate project so each website has its own dashboards dedicated to it. You can even add specific team members to each of your projects in GoSquared and ensure different people (e.g. clients) have access to only the projects you want to give them.

Can I use GoSquared Analytics without Live Chat?

Absolutely! Live Chat is totally optional and is not required. If all you need is web analytics for your Webflow site, then you can install the GoSquared JavaScript snippet and keep Assistant switched off.