Using GoSquared on the Free Tier

🎓 When you sign up to GoSquared you are automatically placed on the GoSquared Free Tier. You then have the option to upgrade your plan for more features and higher limits.

✅ What's included on the Free Tier

  • Real-time Web Analytics up to 1,000 pageviews per month
  • Intelligent Lead Capture.
  • Chat to visitors with Assistant for up to 100 profiles
  • Team Inbox.
  • User insights with the Customer Data Hub.
  • Premium Growth Content.
  • 1 Intelligent Chat Prompt.
  • 1 x Seat.
  • 1 x Project.

❌ What's not included on the Free tier

Premium Analytics features not included on the Free Tier:

  • Data retention greater than 1 month.
  • Historical Trends access (monthly, yearly and custom date range reporting.)
  • Historical Campaigns reporting.
  • Search for specific page/content metrics.

Premium Inbox features not included on the Free Tier:

  • Saved Replies.
  • Chat Transcripts.
  • Multiple Intelligent Chat Prompts.
  • Lead Social Profile Enrichment.
  • Out of Office.
  • Edit profile properties.
  • Lead Enrichment.
  • Language Auto Detection.
  • Live Translate.

Engage Features are not included on Free Tier. See our pricing for more information on these products.

A note about pageviews: If you're also tracking events with GoSquared, these count towards your pageview limit. So if in one month you send 600 pageviews and 400 events, you will have used up your 1,000 limit.

The Free Tier Badge

If you are using the GoSquared Free Tier, you can boost your monthly pageviews for free, by adding the GoSquared badge to your site.

🚀 Find out more here

What happens when the Free Tier limit is reached

When you've used up the 1,000 pageviews, your data will be paused and you will not be able to access the dashboards until your cycle resets or you upgrade.

For Inbox, when you've used up the 100 profile limit, you will lose access to the GoSquared Inbox until you upgrade.

💡 You can raise your limits right away by upgrading your account - see our plans, or message us via Live Chat