Spam and Abuse

We take every care to ensure that our Live Chat and email systems are not abused to send unsolicited or inappropriate messages. If you suspect our systems are being used to send spam, please contact us so we can investigate.

I’m a GoSquared customer and I’m receiving spam messages via Chat / Email

If you’re receiving spam messages into your GoSquared Inbox, either via Assistant or via Email, please contact us with details of the corresponding conversations.

To help us most effectively address your report, please include the following where possible:

  • Links to specific conversations within the GoSquared Inbox
  • Time stamps for specific messages you suspect to be spam (if not obvious from the conversation)

I’m not a GoSquared customer but I’ve received a message via GoSquared that’s spam

We take it very seriously if our customers are using our systems to send spam messages. Please contact us with details of the messages received. Forward any suspicious emails to

To help us address any abuse, let us know the following:

  • The nature of the message you consider suspicious or spam
  • For on-site Live Chat messages, the URL on which you received the message
  • For email messages, the time at which you received the message, as well as which email address it was sent from and to.

We will do our best to address any issues, and may follow up for further information.