Editing an Individual Sender Profile

How to edit an Individual Sender Profile

There are two types of Sender Profiles in GoSquared.

Individual Sender Profile - How an employee represents themselves in public

Shared Sender Profile - How a company represents it’s self in public

To edit a Shared Sender Profile, view our guide here.

You may wish to configure your Individual Sender Profile. This allows you to personalise your public-facing email address, as well as which name and avatar you would like to send messages from.

Step One: Configuring your email domain

When you first sign up with GoSquared, your email address may appear as a variation of ‘

The first step is to verify your domain name. If your company email address was ‘’, your domain name would be ‘’

NB. If you are unsure how to do this, our Support article here will show you how.

Once this has been completed, our example email would now appear as ‘

You may wish to further personalise your public-facing email address, such as by removing your surname from your email address.

Step Two: Customise your Sender Profile

To edit your Individual Sender Profile, head to Settings > Current Project > Your Team

1) Select the Sender Profile you would like to change by clicking ‘Options’ and ‘Edit Team Member’

2) You can now configure the name, email address and avatar of your selected profile.

3) Congratulations! All future Automated Messages, Broadcasts and Sequences will now be sent from this updated Sender Profile.

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Did you know, you can also add further personal touches to your messages, using Variables? Find out how here.

You can also send emails from a company or team email address by editing your Custom Sender Profile. Find out more here.

Or, if you’re just getting started with Automation, head over to our Automation Support Centre here.