Building relationships with your contacts

If we want to help you create a long-term, sustainable business, with a great reputation for customer satisfaction. We can’t do this without a focus on relationships.

Create personalised onboarding flows

Use your ideal customer personas and your knowledge of your customer base to develop different categories of new customers. They might differ by job title, plan type, industry, or anything else you can think of and track.

Different types of customers, whilst they will have things in common, will move through the customer journey in different ways and begin from different starting points. This means that they will respond best to different content, served up in different ways.

Really understanding your customers and what success looks like for them is key to your own success, being able to communicate with them is the method.

Try this today:

  • Learn how different businesses tailor their welcome emails.
  • Develop two different welcome sequences triggered by demographic or customer behaviour.

Act like a much bigger team

Using smart tools drastically increases the capacity of your team, without coming across as robotic or forced. Staying human in this age of automated sales gives you a competitive, personal advantage. We wanted to put the power of a huge team into anyone’s hands and with our messaging tools you can bring personalised campaigns and services to everyone, no matter how big, or small, your team is.

Tools like our Inbox allow your team members to handle multiple conversations at once with ease, and the ability to set up Saved Replies that can, at the click of a button, help to solve your customers questions.

Do this today:

  • Make sure each member of your team has a profile set up in chat.
  • Set your office hours in chat so customers know when they can reach you.
  • Set up Saved Replies to your most asked questions.

Create deeply personalised campaigns

Building relationships with your customers is about much more than bombarding them with messages until they remember who you are and what you do. In fact, we’d advocate that you never do that.

Unless you are sending a deeply personalised campaign, with a purpose and clear message, then don’t send the email. The result of this is that your customers start to ignore them, they hit delete and eventually, they click unsubscribe and, at best, feel neutral towards your brand.

Someone giving you their email address is not to be taken lightly. Think about when and where people have given you their email addresses - was it on your blog, was it in exchange for a template or piece of content, if it was, what was that content about?

Unless your emails are relevant to the reason someone signed up then you’re risking annoying the customer by sending it. This is why understanding a customer’s history with your company and assigning them to the right Smart Group is so important.

Try this today: