Customer Engagement - Monitor the custom Status of your users in real-time

✋ Your users’ Engagement status defines the overall health of a client account.

Highly engaged users make great use of your features, regluarly access your product or platform, and receive value from their susbcription.

These are free-trial users ready to convert to paid plans, customers ready to renew their contracts, promoters ready to give testimonials.

But if a user is displaying concerning behaviours, such as a drop-off in activity or frequency in visits, you need to have clear visibility of that status.

Ideally in real-time.

That’s because disengaged users are unlikely to convert, likely to churn, and possibly even actively discourage others from using your service.

That’s why with GoSquared, you can add a custom ‘traffic light system’ to monitor the Engagement levels of your users in real-time, and keep track on which users show leading indicators of churn, as well as which clients will be the most receptive to up-sell or conversion messaging.

In our video playbook below, we will show how to set-up our recommended traffic light system to differentiate between ‘Engaged, Concerning, and Disengaged’ profiles, using our custom Status updates via Zapier.

Have any questions about our best-practise Engagement strategies?

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