Activate your Onboarding Sequence

No matter your product or service, you need to build an Onboarding Sequence for new users.

Your users’ first days, even hours, in your platform are critical. If they activate your key features they’re on the road to success and becoming long-term customers. If you lose their attention early-on, you could lose them to a competitor forever.

When new users set-up an account for the first time, they need direction on their first steps to take. That’s where your Onboarding Sequence comes in.

Send timely, personalised messaging to your new signups to give instructions tailored to their exact stage in your onboarding, to ensure a smooth transition from first-time user to product champion.

Simply follow the steps below in the suggested order to activate your Welcome messages:

  1. Enable in-app messaging 📲
  2. Build your first Smart Group 👥
  3. Customise our Onboarding playbook 📚
  4. Activate Playbook! 🚀

📲 Enable In-app Messaging

World-class user engagement employs multi channel messaging.

Emails are a powerful tool, but they are often overused and misstimed. When a user first signs up to your service, the last thing you want to do is send them a Welcome email. Why? They’ll click over to the email, notice new messages in their Inbox, and then you’ve already lost their attention - the exact opposite of what you need to do!

Instead, enable in-app messaging to allow you to send in-app messages when users are online, and emails with more detailed instructions later on in your Onboarding Series.

To enable in-app, simply head to Settings > Current Project > Assistant and enable the widget. This will deploy the Live Chat widget across your platform, and will also enable users to engage with your team via Live Chat.

NB. It is not obligatory to enable the Live Chat widget in order to deploy in-app messages. If you would like to discuss a workaround, please get in touch with our team here.

👥 Build your first Smart Group

Smart Groups enable you to segment your users in real-time according to custom filters.

The first step is to build your New Signup Smart Group, next we’ll show you how to set a rule for any new users who enter this group to receive your Onboarding messaging.

Our best-practise tip for this Smart Group is to use our standard Created date filter. We’d also recommend including at least one custom event; typically a key activation feature you’d like new users to enable within their first week.

Examples of our clients’ first activation features include:
Completed profile
Sent Proposal
Added Comment
Attended Event

Putting these together, you might created a New Signup Smart Group using the filters Created less than 7 days ago + Completed profile exactly 0 times.

📚 Customise our Onboarding Playbook

To make life a little easier, we went ahead and added a set of pre-made playbooks you can select from your Engage section.

Simply head to Engage > Sequences > New Sequence to select the Welcome Sequence playbook from the list.

Select your New Signup Smart Group from the list in Section 2, so that all new users who enter this group will receive the Onboarding playbook.

Next, you can customise the messaging to ensure it fits your desired Onboarding flow for new users.

Our best-practise customisation tips include:

  • Adding a CTA button in your first in-app message, to trigger 5 minutes after a user signs up; directing them to their first feature to activate.
  • Sending a HTML email 1 day post sign-up with more detailed instructions, further reading about your company, or a Case Study relevant to the users’ industry
  • Introducing your Customer Success team, and offering a slot to book a call for a Training session.

🚀 Activate Playbook!

Congratulations, you’re now ready to activate your Onboarding Playbook!

Once you’ve hit publish, your playbook will send your Onboarding messages to any users who enter your target Smart Group, for as long as they match the Smart Group’s criteria.

This ensures all new users are hand-held to activate your key features during their first week, and are set-up for long term success with your service.

To understand more about Smart Group & Sequence entry or exit logic, check out our deep-dive tutorial here.

🎓 PS. Want to go take it to the next level? Check out our video tutorial here to set-up a segmented Sequence and trigger targeted, unique messaging according to how users are engaging with your platform or service.