The GoSquared Onboarding Guide

🏗️ Basic Setup (5 minutes)

👉 Follow our Walkthrough Tutorial to get up & running with GoSquared’s basic features in a few minutes!

By the end of this section you will have:

✅ Installed the GoSquared snippet
✅ Turned on Assistant and configured your Assistant settings
✅ Set up notifications for incoming Inbox messages
✅ Invited your team members

🛡️ Take a minute to secure your login with Two-Factor Authentication.

🎯 Lead Capture (15 minutes)

1️⃣ Activate your first automated Prompt

2️⃣ Automatically create a profile in customer data hub every time someone new signs up

3️⃣ Set up a Slack or Gmail integration to notify you of new leads

👥 Smart Group Fundamentals (10 minutes)

💭 What is a Smart Group?

A Smart Group is a set of filters which can be used to segment your users.

Smart Groups update in real time. This means when a new user matches the filter, they automatically get added to the group (entering the group).

When existing users un-match, they will be removed from the group (exiting).

Smart Groups enable you to:

✅ Identify key insights from your data.
✅ Segment your user-base into specific groups.
✅ Monitor changes in your database over time.
✅ Send GoSquared Automations

📹 Watch this video tutorial to setup your first custom Smart Groups today! 🙌

🗂️ Import your Customer Data (5 minutes)

❇️ Batch import your contacts from another service

🚀 Ready to take it to the next level? 🚀

Completed the Onboarding steps? Congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming a GoSquared pro 🎉

Now it’s time to get started with adding Automations to your Smart Groups 🙌

Use our Video Tutorial Guides to setup your first customer segments and automated messaging flows.

Select from a range of use-cases, including:

✅ New customer onboarding
✅ Live Chat lead follow-up
✅ Churn-risk re-engagement
✅ … and many more!

Have you said hello to the Team yet? 👋
Meet your Support colleagues, here to help you get the most out of GoSquared!
You can also message the team with any questions via Live Chat

📥 Download your own copy

PS. You can download your own copy of the GoSquared Onboarding Guide from Notion. Use this to tick-off the tasks in your checklist, and keep track of your progress! 🙌