Adding Buttons to Messages

How to add Buttons to Messages in GoSquared

You can add multiple Buttons anywhere within GoSquared’s Messages, Broadcasts & Sequences. Buttons are clickable links embedded within your message, which will redirect Users to your chosen URL.

Buttons stand out visually from normal typeface, and are often used to entice Users as a Call to Action, or as a link to a downloadable resource.

To add a Button to a message, head to the Engage section of GoSquared and select Messages, Sequences, or Broadcasts.

✏️ NB. You can also add one button at the end of your Prompts, as a Call to Action.

When creating your Message, Broadcast or Sequence click the ‘+’ item and select ‘Button’ from the drop-down list.

Next, add a title to define the Button’s action (e.g. ‘Click here’) and URL to define where the button should direct to (e.g. ‘’). You can also alter the button’s colour to suit your company branding.

Adding a Button to a Broadcast

Adding multiple Buttons

You can add multiple buttons within the same message. You may wish to choose different colours per button, in order to help differentiate.

💡 NB. Buttons will display in both email and in-app versions of your message

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