Setting up your first Prompt

97% of website visitors don’t convert.

Imagine; a CEO of a company in your target-industry is browsing your subscription options.

They like what they’ve seen so far from your product pages; they’re excited about your service, and curious to know more.

They click through your plans and start weighing up your proposition.

Unfortunately, all it takes is a moment’s hesitation… before their next email, call, or meeting drags their attention elsewhere.

And that could be it.

Once they’ve closed their internet browser, with the mouse still hovering over ‘Contact Us’ - you might not be hearing from them again for a while, if ever.

Worst of all, without any kind of lead-capture, you could be none the wiser they’d ever visited your page.

💡 Enter GoSquared Prompts

By adding a GoSquared Prompt on your pricing page, you’ll be able to start a conversation with decision-makers at a key point in their customer-journey.

Engage with your target-audience right at the moment when they’re excited about your product, and ready to know more.

Whether it’s to start an initial conversation, book a demo, or confirm a sale, carefully-placed Prompts can safeguard your future customers from being lost to the ether.

Don’t let another opportunity slip, get your first Prompt set up today!

This mini-demo will show you how:

🎓 Need some more Inspiration for your Prompt messages?

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