Overage and Upgrade Charges

💡 This is the overage information for our legacy plans. This affects customers that started their GoSquared subscription before September 29th 2017.

Our legacy plans are based on usage limits. If you go over your limits, we will continue to track your data but you will be charged overage for the additional usage. If you have more than one site, your total usage is combined from across all of them.

Learn more about datapoints and profiles.


If you exceed your limits, we'll simply work out the cost of the additional usage and add it onto your next bill as overage.

There are no penalty charges or hidden fees for exceeding your limits, all overage charges are calculated fairly at the same cost per datapoint/profile of your current plan.


You're currently on a 100k datapoint plan at £39/month.

On this plan the cost for 1 datapoint is £0.00039 (£39 / 100,000).

Say you actually use 110k datapoints that month (10k more than your plan's limit).

Your next bill would include an extra £3.90 in overage (10,000 x £0.00039).

Automatic upgrade

Our pricing scales so that larger plans benefit from bulk discounts. To keeps things fair, we'll compare the cost of charging overage to the cost of upgrading you onto a larger plan. If the cost to upgrade you to a larger plan works out cheaper – then that's what we'll do. We will always work out the cheapest payment method for you. The difference in price between your old plan and the new larger plan will be added onto your next bill.

Note: This means you will get an unusually large one off bill. This is because your bill covers the cost of upgrading last months plan, plus the cost of your subscription renewing for the upcoming month (you've been moved to a higher plan so your regular subscription will cost more going forward).

Automatic upgrades and overage

If you really blast through your usage limits, you may end up in a situation where we automatically upgrade you to a larger plan (to benefit from the bulk discount), and then still need to be charged a little bit of overage at the cheaper rate of the larger plan.


You're currently on a plan 100k datapoint plan.

However at the end of the month you've actually used 510k datapoints.

We'll auto-upgrade you to the nearest higher plan – the 500k plan.

We then charge an extra 10k overage at the new cheaper unit cost.

Therefore you will get an unusually large one off bill because it includes: (Difference in price between 100k and 500k plan) + (10k overage) + (Subscription renewal for the upcoming month)

Going over the legacy free plan limits

There is no overage on the free plan. Instead you will lose access to your dashboard until you upgrade.

Going over the legacy free datapoint limit

If you hit the free datapoint limit (1000 datapoints per month) you will no longer be able to view any of your dashboards or receive daily reports. Instead you will be prompted to upgrade until your datapoint limit resets at the end of the month.

Note: If you go more than 10 times over the free limit within a 30 day cycle, GoSquared will cease tracking your data. Don't worry though, we'll have warned you long before that happens!

Going over the legacy free People profile limit

If you go over your free profile limit (100 stored profiles) you will lose access to your People dashboard. Analytics will continue to work, provided you haven't exceeded your datapoint limit.

In order to ensure that you don't lose any data, new People profiles and Chat messages will continue to be stored in the background so that you won't have any gaps in your data if you choose to upgrade.

Note: If you go more 10 times over your profile limit (1000 stored profiles) then Inbox and People CRM will stop working.

How do I check my current limits and usage?

All usage is attributed to the project owner (the person who first registered the site with GoSquared). If you are close to going over your limits, or have already exceed them, a usage meter will appear in the sidebar of your account when you're logged in.