Profiles, Projects & Pageviews

Profiles, Projects & Pageviews

Part One of this article explains the key differences between GoSquared’s profiles, projects and pageviews.

Part Two details how each category contributes to your tier limits and pricing.


A profile may be created when somebody registers for your service, or when a visitor starts a Live Chat conversation with you.

Their data may be enriched with information captured from Analytics (such as Country of Origin) and Live Chat (such as Company Name, Industry or Email Address).

Visitors can have an associated profile if they are identified, but by default, anonymous Visitors do not count towards your profile limit.

The activity of anonymous website visitors will however, count towards your monthly pageview limit.


A project is an individual website, store, or app you wish to install GoSquared on.

Each project has a unique “Project Token” that is provided in the JavaScript Snippet you use during installation. Each project has its own dashboards, Live Chat Inbox, Customer Data Hub & Automation.


Pageviews track which pages a visitor is browsing across your site.

A visitor can visit any number of pages during a browsing session. These will be automatically tracked using the JavaScript tracker, provided it is installed on every page.

NB. If you are tracking Events using GoSquared, these will also count towards your pageview limit.

Pricing Plans and Limits

NB. The information below relates to our standard pricing plans only. Our Enterprise agreements are tailored to specific client-needs. For more information on Enterprise plans, click the link here


For the GoSquared Analytics package, you will receive a set limit of pageviews according to your chosen tier. These pageviews will refresh every month following your renewal date.

As an example, our £29/month tier gives you 100,000 pageviews per month.

If you exceed your limits, you will lose access to your Dashboard. You can wait until your limit refreshes at your next billing cycle, or level-up to the next tier.


For the GoSquared Live Chat package, you will receive a set limit of profiles according to your chosen tier. Profiles are retained month-to-month and will continue to count towards your limit. Old profiles you no longer have use for, can be deleted.

As an example, our £29/month tier gives you a total of 1,000 profiles.

If you exceed your limits, your Live Chat will be frozen until you upgrade to the next tier.


For all GoSquared pricing plans, with the exception of our Free Tier, you can create an unlimited number of projects.
NB. If you set up multiple projects, your profiles and/or pageviews of each project will all contribute towards your account’s limit.

A Note on Agents, Seats or Team-mates

Software systems and companies often use different terminology to refer to product-users. But no matter your company’s chosen term, there is no additional charge for adding multiple agents, seats or team-mates to your GoSquared account.

🎓 PS. Head over to our blog article and free PDF download to learn more about the benefits of Web Analytics for your website.

💡 Or, to pick the right plan for your business, head to our ‘Pay As You Grow’ page.

If you have any further questions, drop us a message on our Live Chat - we’re always happy to help.