The GoSquared Early Stage Plan

What is the Early Stage plan?

🚀 At GoSquared, we’ve used our own platform every day over the past 14 years to help grow our business and we want to give early stage startups the same opportunity.

Our Early Stage plan offers young businesses access to the full features of the GoSquared Engage platform, at a significantly reduced cost.

In addition to the functions of our Free Tier plan, successful applicants can enjoy:

☑️ Access to our Marketing Automation platform.
☑️ Enriched Lead Data and User Segmentation.
☑️ Premium Analytics features.
☑️ Premium Messaging features.
☑️ 1,000+ Integrations.
☑️ 3 x Seats.
☑️ 2 x Projects.

Pricing: The Early Stage plan is fixed at $79/month for your first 12 months for up to 200k monthly datapoints and 1k total profiles 🙌

Who qualifies for Early Stage?

To qualify for the Early Stage plan, applicants must be:

  • New customers to GoSquared
  • Companies less than 2 years old
  • Teams of less than 20 people

How do I apply?

To apply for the early stage plan, simply follow the link here to fill out your details.

Our team will then be in touch to let you know the result.