Engage Reports

What are Engage Reports?

🎓 Monitoring the ongoing performance of your GoSquared Automations is crucial to maximising your user engagement.

World-class user engagement is not a simple case of ‘set and forget’. Once you have automated messages running in GoSquared, you need to measure their performance on an ongoing basis.

Monitoring the key metrics of your Automations ensures you can proactively adjust low-performing messages, or replicate high performers elsehwere in your engagement strategy.

GoSquared Engage Reports provide visibility on metrics across all your projects’ live Automations, as well as any Broadcasts sent in the given time period.

With Engage Reports you can monitor a detailed breakdown of:
📤 Messages Sent
🧐 Open Rates
👆 Click Throughs
⛔ Bounces
💨 Unsubscribes

Activate your Engage Reports

To switch on Engage Reports according to your prefered cadence, simply head to Settings > Your Account > Email Preferences

From here you can enable the Reports according to a Daily, Weekly or Monthly schedule.

We’d recommend a minimum cadence of Weekly, switching this to Daily for whenever you have recently activated new Automations, or sent out a Broadcast.

The Report will offer data of any live Automations or recent Broadcasts across all projects associated to your account log-in.

🤔 Have any questions about setting up or optimising your Engage Reports?

Our team are always delighted to share best-practise tips for increasing your user engagement. Reach out to us via Live Chat to schedule a call!