Timeline Notifications

This article is about the Notification widget and timeline milestones in the Now dashboard.

Note: If you’re looking for message notifications – read this article instead.

Timeline Notifications are a quick and easy way to watch for notable changes related to your sites traffic. Notifications are both overlaid on the Timeline widget and listed in the dedicated Notifications widget.

The Notifications widget itself displays your most recent Notifications in descending order. These Notifications can include:

  • Traffic Alerts
  • Manually added Milestones
Traffic Alerts

Traffic Alerts can be configured by clicking on the cog icon in the top right of the Notifications widget. A detailed guide on how to setup Traffic Alerts is available here.

Manually Add Milestones

It is possible to manually add a point on the Dashboard Timeline by simply scrolling over the Timeline and clicking to add a point. These manually added Milestones then also appear in the Notifications widget. These milestones are a great way to record information on your traffic Timeline.