Editing a Shared Sender Profile

How to setup a Shared Sender Profile in GoSquared

There are two types of Sender Profiles in GoSquared.

Individual Sender Profile - How an employee represents themselves in public

Shared Sender Profile - How a company represents it’s self in public

For our guide on editing Individual Sender Profiles, click here.

For specific use-cases, companies may wish to send messages from a company email, rather than individual team member. This requires setting up a Shared Sender Profile.

An example of this might be a weekly newsletter Broadcast, sent from the email address ‘

1) To setup a Shared Sender Profile, first navigate to Settings > Current Project > Email

Shared Sender Profile

2) Click ‘Add Custom Sender’ and enter your preferences

Shared Sender Profile

3) Head to the Engage centre to compose an email in Messages, Broadcasts or Sequences

Click ‘Send From’ and select your custom sender profile from the dropdown list.

Shared Sender Profile

4) Congratulations! You can now send messages from this Shared Sender Profile to your selected users

Shared Sender Profile

5) Editing your Sender Profile Company Name

In the example above, we have added a shared sender profile as

The Sender Profile Company Name is set as ‘Newsletter from GoSquared’. You can edit this title (“from [Company Name]”) by heading to and editing the Company Name field.

Sender Profile Company Name

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