What is Click tracking?

👀 Click tracking shows you the number of people who clicked through from any links in your messages – whether they’re sent via email or in-app.

In addition to open tracking, GoSquared shows you how many people have clicked links in your messages, so you can easily see your most effective messages.

How Click Tracking works

GoSquared will automatically track any links you put in messages you send with GoSquared Engage.

The links you put in your messages are automatically transformed into a unique link which redirects through a GoSquared domain, so we can count the number of clicks, before then redirecting the recipient to the URL they clicked.

Recipients clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in messages do not count towards the number of click-throughs for a given message.

Subscriber Lists

Subscriber lists are your metrics for your Automated Messages sent through GoSquared.

These show you who has been subscribed to your Sequence or Automated Message. They will detail who received, opened, clicked, unsubscribed and bounced from your emails sent through GoSquared.

When you create a Sequence or Automated Message, you’ll see these metrics, where you will be able to click on them to see which subscribers performed the action.

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