GoSquared Forms Beta

GoSquared Forms is a new feature we are currently making available in public Beta. Forms enables you to embed a simple HTML snippet anywhere on your site to capture leads directly into Customer Data Hub within GoSquared.

Setting up a GoSquared Form

To set up a GoSquared Form on your website, head to the Forms section in your GoSquared Account and copy the HTML snippet provided.

Then paste that snippet into your website’s HTML where you’d like to embed the form and publish to your site. Your form should now be set up and ready to capture new leads into GoSquared

Forms Beta FAQs

Can I include other fields in my form such as name, phone number etc?

Yes! You can add as many different fields as you like to the form by adding new <input> tags. Each input will be tracked as a property against new profiles created, based on the name attribute. Inputs with a name corresponding to one of our reserved properties will be tracked against those properties; all other inputs will be tracked as Custom Properties.

So for example, to track a phone number, you would add the following input somewhere in your form

<input type="tel" name="phone" />

My Form is creating new profiles for people even though I already have existing profiles

Profiles created by Forms will not automatically be merged into existing profiles with the same email address to protect privacy. A future version of Forms will include the option for stronger verification of email addresses which will enable automatic profile-merging.

If you have duplicate profiles created via Forms and already-existing profiles, you can merge those profiles using our Profile Merging feature

Will the Forms Snippet change before the end of the Beta?

We’re still learning a lot from the Forms Beta, so we may change the Forms HTML Snippet from time to time during the Beta period to add improvements or other functionality. If you’re using Forms during the Beta, we’ll make sure to let you know as we post updates to the snippet.

Will the current Forms Snippet continue to work after the end of the Beta?

Yes. Even if we update the Forms Snippet over the course of the Beta period, we’re committed to continuing support for all previous versions of the snippet as long as possible. If it works now, it will continue to work after the beta.

I have additional questions / feedback about the Forms Beta

Great, we’d love to hear it! If you have any questions about the Forms Beta or the future of GoSquared Forms, or if you have any suggestions or feedback, please get in touch.