GoSquared Timeline enables you to see an overview of your website's traffic over time.

Timeline gives you an easy to understand graph of today's traffic (updated every minute) overlaid on top of a graph of yesterday's traffic.

The Timeline widget also allows for some historical context right alongside the real-time data being fed in. In the top right of the widget there's a drop down with the options to show 'This Week vs Last Week', 'Today vs Yesterday' and 'Today vs the same day last week'.

Quickly see where traffic spikes and dips have occurred. Hover over the adjacent "Notifications" widget to see any traffic alerts that have been triggered recently and to highlight them on the Timeline graph.

Plotting Significant Events on your Timeline

Tag traffic spikes with Milestones to make it easy to remember significant events. Simply click on the interesting feature and give it a name. Historical Milestone will be remember in the Trends dashboard too.

Adding a Milestone to your GoSquared Timeline